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(Perak - Kerian) Saturday (January 23) morning Bukit Merah an Arowana farm was break in ,the indoor cultivation site house more than 1500 fish fry fish fry was stolen, the loss of up to 1.7 million ringgit.The  fish farm is the Bukit Merah Aquarium Co., Ltd. (BUKIT MERAH AQUACULTURE (M) SDN BHD), between the time of the incident is believed to Saturday 1:00 to 5 pm between. Managing Director, Ahmad told reporters that an unknown number of thieves, destruction of fish inside the closed-circuit television, and fry to cultivate room blasting the back door sneak dry case, the indoor cultivation believers thief stole Arowana almost finished, with only 9 fry.He said that 1.54 million worth of cultivating indoor ringgit, up to 3" length , total 1588 dragon fish of various types, 20 have been implanted with a microchip ready to be exported to Japan at the end of the high-back Arowana, a value of 1 10000-15000 ringgit exhibiting 18-inch adult blue-off back Arowana also be stolen.


He said that after estimating that the stolen Arowana totaling 1.7 million ringgit.He said the stolen 20 destined for Japan's six-inch fish, the body can not be removed chips, so these fish have no chance of theft shipped abroad, if the thief Christians try to remove the chips, the fish just will die.He said the fish farm workers Saturday morning, 8:30 Xu, enter the room at work to cultivate fry surprised to discover that the fish had been stolen finished interior.After the directors of the Company to a new report Mans Wei police station.Ahmad's son revealed that at 2 o'clock, there to hear the voice of dog barking, but his family thought it was just fighting dogs and cats. Ahmad said that the stolen fish fry involving five fish ponds, the affected investors, more than five people.


It is learned that, according to investment contracts, as investors are faced burglary and fry, so the fish farm operators are required to compensate investors in full.Ahmad said the Bukit Merah Arowana Aquarium Co., Ltd. and North Horse breeding industry associations, will be 100 thousand ringgit reward for information leading to the capture of the thief people.

Ahmad also revealed that one of them living in Kuala Lumpur, and, in the fish market to invest 40 million ringgit in Malay businessmen home, but also a few days ago by burglary, a thief sneaked into the merchant's house and stole only kept in the house 9 Arowana, merchants and other property, thieves are not interested.


This news was translate using Google frm Sin Chew Jit Poh 2010.01.24 

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