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Residents in the Kerian district, Perak and Seberang Perai Selatan part of Penang wants the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry and the State Government to cancel soon Silver Arowana fish breeding project in Bukit Merah, claiming that they affected the operations of rice cultivation, the report Harakahdaily.

The largest rice growing areas in Perak that includes county Bagan Serai, Beriah, Mount Semanggol, Selinsing, Parit Buntar and Nibung thickness.

Consequently, farmers are found in the Office of the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) urged the fish breeding project is stopped. They claimed that as long as it operates all livestock farmers will bear the risk, especially the water was so scarce during plowing work.

The move is also appropriate because it affects the main goals of the Red Lake water supply for paddy cultivation and daily population in the county.

Representatives of farmers, Rasid Mohd Salim, said the project began in 2000 now has 3.808 pools with a total of 70 operators compared to 10 operators had not.

Farmers grew frustrated when all their complaints to the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) is ignored and the officers claimed to be last hands seem to support the Arowana fish farming is said to bring good income.

"People were disappointed with JPS that ignore the plight of farmers that their advocates should not allow employers to take all the time after all the water is suitable for agricultural land and rice crops," he said with an angry voice.

Mohd Rasid also disappointed with the attitude of some folks who said, very excited to lease land to small business owners to get the reward without realizing that they otherwise have diperkudakan.

Secretary of Development and Security Committee (JKKK) Kubu Gajah, Ahmad Nordin also asked Chief Minister of Perak on the field to review their own problems faced by farmers in the HQ, which is the largest rice area in Perak.

"Does the government want to see the area directly damaged the rice crop works businessman who somehow comes from livestock which to operate?

"Those who come from outside the big profit loss of sudden we are farmers. Is not it retarded due to lack of water and rice production by nearly 70 percent," he said.

For the field operators, Azman Nordin, some employers get a notice from the Kerian District Land Office for violating the conditions of the land but not vice versa diendahkah continue work as normal the aquaculture industry.

When the season started plowing up fields usually occur quarrel between farmers and businessmen or farmers with DID because water can not flow properly to the opposite field plots DID limit of three days with a reason to give them water to other areas as well.

Azman claimed, JPSsebenarnya hear instructions from the businessman who claimed the water supplied to them for 24 hours for 360 days while denying the importance of water available to farmers.

Meanwhile, CAP president SM Mohamed Idris during a news conference at his office yesterday explained that the project should be canceled because it was not referred to the Department of Environment (DOE) to determine whether the environmental impact study (EIA) needs to be done or not.

CAP, he believed, and fear of waste into the drainage pond farming in this area would cause environmental problems and serious water pollution in the future.

JPS also allegedly failed to curb water theft by employers kegiaan involved. Records show that from 15 August to 28 October and reservoirs in the Bukit Merah  Lake declined by 0.2 feet (2.4 inches) per day.

Bukit Merah Lake water is not only used by over 10,000 farmers involved an area of 24 thousand hectares of rice fields but also the daily use of 200 thousand local residents

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