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(Kulim 15/05/2910) This incident from the Pirates of the fish is on the Friday 10 pm to 2 am on Saturdays between the sides at the gala took place in a fish farm.

It is reported that when she was only one fish inside workers are working.

According to the workers said the incident happened four to be a knife in the Indian robbers climb over the fence into the fish farms, hands and feet tied up and locked his room, was also beaten some. After he broke free in the rope, the culprits have fled. Since the stolen their mobile phone stolen, so he borrowed a friend to call for help near.

The fish farm industry in which a Mr. Lee said he received notice of foreign workers is about 2 o'clock.

According to foreign workers told the culprits to labor relations into the room, open the fence gate, waiting for Rory and outside the party into the case of fish farms dry. He believed that the culprits involved in as many as eight people, several of them are good people who fish.

According to Mr Wong said the other one industry, the farming of fish many fish farms, but the bandits stole the most expensive Golden Arowana (Jin Long Yue ) alone.

The fish farm has several ponds, only one is breeding Jin Long Yue, the culprits of water draining the pond to catch fish, but fortunately, some of Jin Long Yue already sold, or lost more. They suspect that the culprit had to visit the fish farm.

Lin said another industry, Jin Long Yue stolen half the size, of which only about 270 small. Only the Jin Long Yue small price between about 2,000 to 3,000 ringgit, while the large is only the Jin Long Yue is from 10,000 to 12,000 between the ringgit.

Subsequently, this reporter contacted the Deputy District Director of Kulim Chan Chi-cheung, vice IPCC, confirmed the incident from the Pirates of the fish. Chan Chi Cheung urged the public if that information is to tell the police to help police solve the case.

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